Corporate Credit Cards

Corporate credit cards are not only a way to facilitate payment of your business expenses, but also a way to make it easier for you to distinguish between company and personal expenses and to facilitate the preparation and administration of company expense accounts.

At Maduro & Curiel's Bank (Bonaire) N.V. we also offer a variety of cards.

Our VISA business or MasterCard executive cards are your solution for your business expenses world wide and very handy to flip out after that business lunch, dinner or happy hour, including if you want several of your staff to carry a corporate credit card as a way of keeping track of and controlling their business expenses.

Our corporate cards are your personal mark of distinction: not for everyone, just for you, the executive. With additional services 24 hours a day, you cannot leave on a trip without your cards.

Our bankcard services department is available by Phone: (599) 715-5520