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Recharge your phone with the MCB Mobile app.

Recharge your phone with the MCB Mobile app.

You can use the MCB Mobile app on your smart phone for FREE (without extra
You will need an Internet connection to work with the MCB Mobile app, so make sure you have a working data connection, e.g. via Wi-Fi.

For first time recharge:
  1. Logon to Online Banking.
  2. Go to Payments & Transfers.
  3. From the Select Payment Type, choose Bill Payments
  4. Select From Account, in the Bill dropdown menu choose either:
    a. For a Digicel phone, select the ‘Digicel (Prepaid Cellular
        Recharge)’ vendor
    b. For a UTS phone, select the ‘UTS CHIPPIE-TILIN-
        TELEFASIL Recharge’ vendor


  1. ​Enter the Amount (min. US$ 6,-), your prepaid phone number enter a Payment Reference (e.g. My phone).
  2. At the date field, leave the date unchanged (today) to make an immediate payment, or choose a future date
  3. On the Confirm Payment page, enter the requested e-Pass values and click the Confirm button.

Once the payment has successfully been submitted, your phone will be recharged in less than 5 minutes. For future dated payments your phone will be recharged at approximately 6:00am on the selected payment date.

Note: On the Payment Result page you have the possibility to save the payment as a template, including pre-authorization. If you choose to do this, the next time you'd like to recharge your phone, you simply choose the saved template from Payment & Transfers and all required information is already filled in. By choosing the pre- authorization option you are also not asked for the e-Pass values each time you recharge as you have pre-authorized this payment.

MCB Mobile app is available at the following market places: